WriteDaily 04

Write a story about the search for the most valuable thing in the world. Is it a precious metal? A mysterious secret? A secret weapon? You decide.

My Response:

To fully understand this third Day you probably have to read Day one and Day three of this project.

So as you know, I can’t die. Something happened in my twenties and I can’t figure out what and why it happened. It just happened.

It’s been somewhere between 200 and 500 years since I “officially” died. I would remember the years better, but I think something bad happened in that timeframe as it’s completely missing inside my head. I tried many times, but it seems just gone. Maybe I experimented with something.

Lately, somebody tv moderator asked me what I think is the most valuable thing in the world? I couldn't answer that question right away, as nobody knows that I can’t die, and as CEO of many companies, I wasn’t unproductive the last few decades, you can’t say what I was thinking about:

Normally live ends with death. That’s just how it is. People live and die. If you lost the ability to die for once and for all (I die, but keep coming back), valuable things start to change.

I don’t do relationships or kids anymore, as their death just hurts. I don’t think about good eating or cooking anymore. I’ve eaten all the different things that are there. I’ve done every sports exercise. Man, I died at many extreme sports.

So the most valuable thing I can think about after all these years is simple. Death.

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