WriteDaily Day 05

You’re headed to a far away place. Write about your journey to get there.

My Response:

To fully understand this third Day you probably have to read Day one, Day three and Day four of this project.

Another few hundred years have passed. Technology is at it’s highest state right now, seems to be that mankind will destroy themselves in the next few years.

Time to do something. All my companies are working on a huge spacecraft. It’s getting there.

So what's my plan? I’m going on a journey through the milky way. A long journey. As I don’t need food, well I need food but dieing from starvation is something I tested in the last years. It’s doable. Some death types even don’t really hurt anymore as I’ve been through them hundreds of times.

Obviously, I will start at earth, directly to Venus, to get some color on my skin. From there on to Mars and Mercury. After that, I’ll go to the more far away planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptun. Thereafter I will fly to Pluto, even though it’s not classified as a Planet anymore. Surely I try to visit all the moons.

Since I plan to be on every Planet for a couple of years and try to create a base on them, I will be gone probably a few hundred years. It will be interesting to come back and see what’s happened on earth.

Sure I’ve got some transmissions going to update myself regularly, but they could potentially stop if something happens.

I also prepared a massive shelter a few hundred meters below the earth’s surface to store massive amounts of data.

Years later…

I tried to contact the earth a few years now. Somethings clearly broken over there.

Another few years later…

Looks like I’m lost in space right now. My facilities on earth aren’t responding as they should be and without them, it’s gonna be a hard landing.

Approaching earth

So that happened, the earth’s gone. Not sure where, I see satellites and garbage, but the blue planet is somehow gone.

Good thing I placed some satellites to collect the data from my shelter. Maybe they got to interstellar flight while I was way?

I’m going back to the Mercury base to view the data and make a plan to go forward. I think I have to go on a mining trip through the milky way to collect resources. We’ll see…

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