From carbohydrates to protein diet

This year I’m after my PPL (Private Pilot Licence), after the initial sign up for the training I was told that with my 100 kilograms of weight I’m at a limit value for the training aircraft.

So if I would weight even more, the training aircraft can’t be fully filled with fuel.

I’ve weight about 100 kilograms for at least the last 5 to 6 years, as 100 was my absolute limit. I never felt bad about it, as I could run up two to three floors without stopping at each. Well…

til now.

Today I’m starting a mainly protein diet which a coworker and my parents are already doing. All three lost significant weight in the first month.

I’m trying to post a weekly update on my progress, let’s see how this goes.

My starting values are as follows:

  • weight: 99,7 kilograms
  • diameter upper arm: 39 centimeter
  • diameter thigh: 69 centimeter
  • diameter chest: 111 centimeter
  • diameter waistline: 111 centimeter
  • diameter hip: 111 centimeter

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