Write Daily :: Day 03

You’re dead. Write your own eulogy.

My Response:

To fully understand this third Day you probably have to read Day one of this project.

So, now I’m here. About 60 years after the “accident”. My children and grandchildren are surrounding me and I hope no one notices that I’m just wearing some high-tech which lets me look like I’m 80. Soon I will have to write a eulogy about myself. From the view of my first son, which to be honest I am. No one knows. Nobody got into deep contact with him. I figured it would be better if they would know him as little as possible so he / I can turn away without leaving connections. It sounds hard, and it totally is but when you know you’re going to live much longer than anybody lived before you, you get colder and more functionality instead of emotionally.

“Philipp was a great father, even though almost nobody knows me. He always kept me a little secret from the rest of the family. It’s hard to believe he’s gone now.” — I know it’s short. But it should suffice. Hopefully, I’m not leaving a big hole in the rest of the family. But currently, there is no way to change the “accident”, no way to return. Somehow I have to make the best out of it and help as many people as possible in the coming years. It will also be hard as I have to keep track of all my identities and all my offspring. Sounds bad, but it must be done, as you would not get into bed with you grad-grand-grand-daughter. Til now no one of my children seems to have the same destiny as I’m. Good for them, it’s not easy to be on your own funeral, knowing no one knows you’re alive and can’t die.

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