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Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article. "Working from Orbit. VR Productivity in (or Above) a WFA World" (you can find it here:

As you might know, I've got an Oculus Quest now quite some time and I have to admit I didn't use it much this or the past year.
Although it is a great device, I sometimes forget that I've got it and that I should use it more. Also, I don't have enough space inside my Apartment to fully use the room-scale features it provides.

Anyway, after reading the article I was sold on the idea of working in VR. And now I'm sitting here in a spaceship above the earth while writing this article.

I'm not sure how to describe it. It is definitely something different. I don't see anything other than my MacBooks screen and the earth on one side and endless space on the other. I think we are currently orbiting above Africa as far as I can tell.

I think I will try some writing and coding sessions with this new "distraction" free environment. I will keep you updated :). Maybe it is the new way of working for me?

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