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I had the idea to play an instrument in my mind a few years now. I tried E-Guitar a few years back with the help of Rocksmith. Although the learning was really intuitive, easy and fun my fingers weren't amused with the strings.

A few weeks back I borrowed an old digital Yamaha synthesizer from a coworker. Good enough to try something out and easy to get rid of if it wouldn't turn out to be interesting.

There are many apps now out there to teach you how to play the piano. I tried a few and settled on Simply Piano. Nothing special about it, but it was the one I liked the most.

I used up the free week and thought, what to do now? Try another app or go all-in on it? I decided to buy the yearly subscription for about 130€ a year (a normal music teacher here in Austria costs around 100€ an hour).

Fast forward a few weeks, I'm really enjoying learning the piano. I was browsing Thomann.de (a German Instrument and everything around it dealer). I found an interesting digital piano and thought I would wait until Christmas to buy it (with the extra pay we receive in November).

A few days later I thought before buying I should visit a local reseller to see how those digital pianos look in real life and how they feel. A former civilian service colleague is part of the family-owned business and so we chatted around.

I asked a bunch of questions about the weight (I'm living on the second floor above ground level) and how these pianos are delivered. I couldn't take my eyes off one of the Yamaha pianos.

After maybe an hour of chatting and asking questions I told him if I'm going to stay any longer I'm going to buy the Yamaha one. And a few minutes later he offered to deliver the piano to me and help me set it up. Well, that was the moment I bought a Yamaha CLP 735. Since then almost a month has passed and I'm learning almost every day.

It fits perfectly in a corner inside my apartment, but the terrarium has to move. Well, the terrarium project is dead now. Luckily I didn't have any leopard geckos in it. Anybody in need of a half-finished terrarium?

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