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I think many people heard about ASMR since it went viral a while back. I never really took a look, well listen, to it.

Today I changed that. I'm following Amouranth on Twitch ( although I never really watch her streams I saw a notification on my iPad today about "Twin Ear Licking". I'm not going to say I'm not following her for her looks, because that would be a straight-up lie.

My brain was "simping" around way too much and so I tuned in with headphones. Obviously, she doesn't have a twin but made a video loop on one side of the screen and herself live on the other side.

I put headphones on and listen to it for a while. Since nobody licks my ears normally I can't prove if it gives the same sensation?.

I'm still listening to it and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I also switched to audio-only, the video is just way too distracting (I think most of the stuff she does my tongue can't even do).

Definitely a strange experience I'm not sure I can recommend. Check it out yourself, there is plenty of content on youtube.

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