RedCross Leadership Course 2 - Recap

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The week is over and I'm really thankful I had the chance to attend this Leadership course. Until November (when I will be attending the exam), it will definitely be something that will stay inside my head.

Especially all the really great insights into how "we" (as red cross and red crescent movement) work.

A really interesting video about a large training session I wasn't able to attend back in 2019 (German, but you can still watch it):

There was also a really interesting quote from Bernard Chomilier (Head of Logistics Development Unit, WFP, ehemalig HoL ICRC) in combination with international disaster relief: "Du weißt nicht was du brauchst, du weist nicht, wo du es brauchst. Aber du musst es hinbringen, und zwar in einer sehr kurzen Zeitspanne, unter chaotischen Bedingungen. Schaffst du es nicht, sterben Menschen".

Freely translates to: "You don't know what you need, you don't know where you need it. But you have to deliver it in a short period of time under chaotic conditions. If you don't make it, people die".

A real sad quote, but probably really true.

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