RedCross Leadership Course 2 - Day 5

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Today was the last day and as I’m writing this, I’m already back home in my Apartment. Today was all about psychological stuff.

Sadly I’ve got a severe neck pain headache going on, so I have to postpone finishing this post tomorrow :)


As Promised, now the "longer" version. As written, the whole day was focused on psychological stuff: mass panics, people in disasters, own limits.

The first question the lecturer (a doctor in psychology) was: "I know people hate introduction, but I want to know how you are, what are you doing for a living and what your psychological illness is?" Obviously, everyone was confused and he added "yes, I'm serious".

After the first one started to say something, the inhibition threshold of all of us dropped and there was nobody without an answer. Depression, bipolar disorder, perfectionism were the ones told. I might one day answer what I've said, but not today.

Sadly, it is really bizarre how hard it is to talk about emotional and psychological illnesses. Many provers in Austria are for example "a man doesn't cry" (I think I had a post about that before?).

However, it was really interesting to get an insight into psychological therapies and how panics affect us as people.

Interestingly, on the drive to the training centre, I was listening to the Pornhub Podcast again where Asa Akria was talking about therapy and that every person should do it. I wasn't fully agreeing to that sentence until I heard how many of my colleagues saw a consultant/doctor at least once. Maybe my choice of self-therapy is writing (privately or published).

We also talked about the different stages (three) of suicidal thoughts and that every "normal" person has them at least once in a lifetime. It is strange how different we all are as people, but still how our mind almost works exactly the same in some situations (for example panics).

After the WASH Unit lecture, this one was definitely the most interesting one. I think I will remember it long term (well, at least I hope).

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