Hail Damage

This Blog Post was originally published on adagia.org.

Back in August, there was a sunny day. Only a few rain clouds hanging around. I was at work when suddenly the rain started and slightly after I heard banging noises on the windows. Hail.

I looked out of the window to see the madness happen. 10 minutes of ice cubes, the largest ones with a diameter of about three to four centimetres. I don’t have a garage at home nor do I have one at work.

As instant the hailing started, it stopped. A bunch of coworkers and myself went down to talk a look at our cars. Bumps and dents all around.

Without a garage or a carport I knew I will eventually have damage from hail, but three months after picking it up? That wasn’t necessary.

Luckily everything is insurance covered so I’ve only got a small deductible of 450€ to pay. I drove Aurora (you can name Teslas inside the app) to the body shop this Monday. The first estimation of damage is around 10 to 15k €. I’m thankful for the small deductible. :)

Hopefully, I will get the car back by the end of the week. For now, I’ve got a really small Hyundai I30 as a rental car (again, covered by my insurance).

Let’s just hope it was the last hail for the next few years. :)

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