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A while ago I started building and Warhammer 40k miniatures. I got hooked on the hobby by a coworker and was fascinated by the lore and novels available. I started reading the Horus Heresy books and made a subscription for the White Dwarf (Game Workshop’s in-house magazine for all things Warhammer).

GW created a great bunch of Space Marine Legions, Chapters and stories around them. In recent White Dwarf editions (probably also in earlier) they recommend to people to build their own set of Miniatures and Stories. Legion 777 will be mine.

Oh, the last sentence of the above paragraph came out way more heroic than I thought. Anyway.

I registered the domain ( ages ago and thought about building a Warhammer fan site with Battle Reports, Building and Painting Livestreams in mind. But there was always the idea to create my own chapter of Space Marines. With their own backstory, their own planets a unique way to fight and any other stuff that would come to mind.

This collection will include everything I come up with. It might be a great opportunity to learn a little bit about world building, short fiction and writing fiction in general. I won’t set a writing goal or something similar, although I think that would be a good motivator. We’ll see.

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