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It is just past 6 pm and I’m sitting again at the same customers office I’m sitting every month. Doing Windows Updates. Although this time isn’t different to other times (well, it’s Saturday instead of Sunday), but I have to tell you a litte bit about my week.

As I’ve written, I came home from a short vacation in Croatia last Wednesday. After storing the leftover food and sorting the dirty laundry I fell asleep.

Thursday wasn’t largely different and so was yesterday, Friday. I woke up somewhere around noon if I remember correctly. Ate something so I could take the antibiotics I still have to take for my “hair” problem.

Fell a sleep a little bit later again. Watched Episode 4 to 10 of Snowpiercer on Netflix and started Blacklist Season 8. Both were long waiting for me. Well, I don’t think I need to say it was way too late until I got to sleep again.

Today was nothing different. Woke up at noon, at something, watched a few Episodes of Family Guy and went to sleep again.

Well, at least today isn’t completely the same. I jumped out of my pyjamas and took a shower. Most importantly I set out to update the Windows PCs.

I hope I can break this dumb sleep cycle today as I will be back to work next week and I plan to start working at 6 again. We’ll see how that works out.

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