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I know, I know, great titles are necessary to reach a large portion of people. But mainly I’m writing for myself and to give the people who read my stuff here a little update on my life. :)

As always I have a busy week behind me and a bunch of stuff piled up through the last weeks inside my apartment. There is laundry to do, plastics and paper to sort and generally a bunch of clean up tasks to do. I procrastinated them heavily the last few weeks, but it is time now to stop that and let my cleaning robot drive around freely again.

Also I have been mining a little bit of Litecoin lately (as somehow it is currently profitable with my Bitmain Antminer L3++ I’ve bought back in 2018 or so). Basically (subtracting power cost) it is bringing me around 2 to 4 euros per day. Sadly it is a pretty loud device (somewhere around 80 decibel if I remember correctly), but I’m working on a solution for that.

IF mining proofs to be profitable for more months to come, I’m thinking about turning off my normal Apartment heating (district heating) as the miner produces a constant hot air source of around 50°C which should be enough (running 24/7) to keep the Apartment warm. Well, at least it should reduce the district heating cost (which is really expensive for an uninsulated Apartment like mine, construction year 1974).

Besides that I also changed the plan how I’m going to repay the Apartment credit, I think that will deserve another post. Also I might cover mining in a separate one.

It’s almost 9:30 now, Hartberg (the city I live in) is already busy, as I can see a grocery store from my balcony, where I’m currently writing this with my iPad and good cup of coffee. Time to get rolling!

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