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Although I won't become a father soon (haha, how can you get pregnant as a guy without a girl?), a couple I know (two of my coworkers) recently told me they're going to have a baby.

Another coworker will soon start maternity leave and one of my cousins expects his second child sometime in the summer.

I wonder if the whole coronavirus pandemic pushed on the birth rates around the world? I think I read in the newspaper that divorces and general splits of couples have been going up. Seems like all the time together wasn't easy for everybody.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here alone in my office, wondering if I missed something? Although the "winter bad mood" is gone now, as it is getting warmer and warmer every day, I still have the FOMO (fear of missing out currently).

On the other side, I just leased a Tesla Model 3. It is the most expensive car I've ever owned and I enjoy seeing people's mouths open up when I talk about it. Going down to the true expenses of it, it is only about 100 € more than my previous car cost.

Having a baby and child is way more expensive, at least I think so. But would it bring more joy into my life?

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