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So I know I broke the streak. But I think I found the perfect time to write. I’m currently sitting in my car, waiting for it to charge for at least another thirty minutes.
I bought an expensive foldable wood “table” to use on the driver's side, so why not put it to use?

I think it must look strange from the outside, a guy sitting way low down in the car and looking at something. Funnily my iPad is small enough, so I don’t think it is easily spottable from outside the car.

Also, I can use the dictate function, so I don’t even have to write something out :) although I need some training in English speaking before I can really take advantage of it.

Who knew having an electric car would help with the writing habit? Charging is a necessity. Why shouldn’t I use the 10 to 50 minutes for something meaningful? The only downside, with my daily commute I probably won’t be writing daily, as I don’t need to charge daily. But that’s something for another post :)

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