Am I back?

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Actually, I don't really know. I had the draft for the Astra Zeneca Story laying around a long time in my notebook. I wanted to publish it on, but I couldn't gather all my thoughts together to write something in german.

Although German is my main language, it somehow feels easier to write stuff in English. Maybe it is because of all the English stuff I'm reading (news, blogs and stuff) or maybe because of the English code I write day in and out.

Somehow it feels almost more natural to write in English. Anyway.

Am I back to streak writing? I don't know actually. As I've written, I had an urge to write. Not sure how long it will be there.
I think I want to focus more on longer stories but those won't be published every day.

I think I proved on 200 words a day that I can write continuously if I want to, now it is time to refine my craft. Does anybody know what baz has been up to?

We'll see how it goes. I also set a goal to read through all posts published here, although that might take a long time. I think there are already 37 pages awaiting :)

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