Day Off

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Tomorrow is some kind of Christian holiday. Here in Austria, we’ve got a bunch of those, and so it is also a bank holiday. And thus, there won’t be a grocery store open tomorrow. Also, I don’t have to work.
This means I need to cook something myself instead of eating at the company I work at. Not really a large problem.

Since I left work early today (I started at 4:30 am because of a customer), the grocery stores weren’t overrun by people thinking they needed to buy stuff for the next apocalypse.

Anyway, I’m drifting away from the topic.

Interestingly, we’ve got so many public/bank holidays here. Adding the 5 weeks (or 6 if you’re working long enough) of paid leave, only 45 weeks (I didn’t do the math) of work remain in the full year. Removing the weekends, the actual workdays continue to be fewer and fewer.

I wonder how different “our” economy is to states where there aren’t as many “free” days?

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