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As you might now, I’m regularly browsing Instagram to waste time (yes, I know that’s bad, anyway). Obviously Facebook has to make money from Instagram.

Advertising is the main business of Facebook, so it is now wonder I’m getting ads somewhat regularly in my feed.

Most of the time it is just some crap product, or something I bought, or sometimes even something interesting.

I had a short conversation with

about some product I saw popping up. Interestingly Brandon already wrote about it here ( (Sorry, for the long link, I’m on my IPad and I’m not sure how to link correctly :))

Although it is not about that product, I got an advertisement about an other product. The product itself doesn’t matter, as I didn’t even order it, but I think it is an interesting product.

Also, you already read it in the headline: Stone Paper. I think I read about Stone Paper before, it was interesting that such a company is advertising on Instagram.

Apparently it seems more ecological to use that kind of paper to write on. Obviously they made a high price product out of it.

Maybe I should order one of those similar products on Amazon (there are many). I wonder how writing on it differs from “normal” paper. I find it interesting that it is waterproof (although the material suggests it). Is it really that much different than “normal” paper?

Sure, paper is made out of wood, but it also composts easily, if you’re not buying something with a bunch of plastic. Stone doesn’t rot (as far as I know), so it probably can’t be as easily composted?

Maybe it is meant for “long term” storage on thoughts? I’m not sure.

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