Crypto Investing

This Blog Post was originally published on the platform "writelier" (formerly "co-writers" and "200wordsaday"). Sadly the blogging platform was discontinued. I downloaded all my blog posts and prepared them to be republish them here.

@keni has written about investing and more specifically investing in cryptocurrencies recently.

I think I have been in the crypto scene almost since the bitcoin release. I think it was somewhere 2010 or 2011. Back then I did bitcoin mining and later on ethereum mining. I lost interest until somewhere 2015 or so when some coworkers started investing in cryptocurrencies.

I've put a bunch of money into it and spend a good portion of my free time trading. Then the time of ICO came along and I heavily invested into them and lost a bunch of money, luckily I had all the money I've invested already taken out again so I was only playing with "profits".

This year I've implemented my trading bot again and as long as the market moves sideways, it did make a few bucks here and there.

Currently, my main focus is on the network. Their VISA card just arrived yesterday. :)

By the start of 2021, I want to take a close look at all my crypto assets again. I think it is time to bring the bot back and let it run full time. Also, I might implement some kind of savings plan which automatically buys stuff regularly.

You can't build a portfolio if you're not investing somewhere :)

For those interested in the stuff, you can use my referral link and we both get 25USD :)

Happy Investing!

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