WriteDaily — Day 1

You wake up one day and discover a new superpower. What is it? And what happens next?

So it turns out that I’m getting the same day one sentence as everyone, though I thought everyone gets the one of the currently running week. Anyway, at least I have some days to catch up on other stories and let them inspire me.

Since it’s about writing and I’m not a great writer right now I’m not committing myself to a style.

My Response:

Superpowers, I thought about them many times in life. Back in the day, I was very impressed by the Disney movie “Cats & Dogs” from 2001. So my first “real” superpower of choice would be to transform into a dog and work as an agent and later on as the leader of the organizations which are outlined in the movie.

Later on, I became somehow addicted to vampires. Probably my mother's fault as she’s addicted to them as well and watched probably every vampire series that is out there. Hard to tell the second choice would be to become a vampire, but not like Twilight-style (yeah, I watched all four movies), that's to gloomy. More like Vampire-Diaries-style (and yes I also watched some episodes of this show).

Between these two extremes, I somehow managed to get addicted to Dr. Who and it’s spin-off Torchwood.

Everybody who knows Torchwood knows Captain Jack Harkness from the 23rd Century. He doesn't exactly have a superpower but every time he dies, he comes back to life. And yes, he feels every death with all its pain.

So what would my super power be, if I would awake someday?

Well, I would wake up as every day, go to work as every day and come back home every day except:

“What just happened?”, I thought while lying somehow cranked up on the end of the stairs. “Did I really just fell down the whole stairs and nothing happened?”. My paramedic mindset turned on.

“That can’t be possible, it was at least ten to fifteen steps from where remembered last”. I looked at my watch. Almost an hour passed since I left my apartment. There must be something wrong. “Well accidental happiness”, and I walked on.

Hours later I came back from work and decided to cook something. Clumsy as I am I cut into my thumb. A small blood flood started to flow. It almost stopped immediately. “Wait? What?”, I cutted again. Same result.

I tried a bigger cut. My skin closed a few millimeters behind the place the knife was cutting. I felt the pain, but somehow I didn’t take damage.

Once again on my other arm. On my leg. Pain but no damage. I went for the full and cut through my neck. Pain, pain and more pain. My head hung a little sideways but got back into position after a few seconds.

It’s been about 200 years or so since the accident. All my loved once died of a long time ago. Technology evolved ever since and soon I’m starting my journey to another Galaxy. Sadly I can’t tell anybody about my situation. My whole body seems to be stuck inside my middle twenties. We’ll see what future will bring… (might be continued in another WriteDaily story)

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