Writing Daily

So the other day I received the daily ProductHunt Newsletter and came across an interesting webpage WriteDaily. It has a simple purpose, every day you get an email with a prompt and a pre-crafted Medium (the platform we are currently on) template.

You can create a post based on that sentence. For example on day one it was the following sentence:

You wake up one day and discover a new superpower. What is it? And what happens next?

Currently, there are only three categories you can subscribe to one write daily (Creative, Journalistic and Professional), hopefully, there will be more in the future.

Since I plan to write my own sci-fi-novel somewhere in the future I think it’s an ideal tool to force me into writing as the “don’t break the chain”-method applies.

Also, there are many other writers which are doing the same right now. You can find them via the tag #writedaily.

So the next days there should be an email inside my inbox to tell me to write something. Hopefully, I have the time to write something. I’m also thinking about writing the past days just for fun :)

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