This Blog Post was originally published on the platform "writelier" (formerly "co-writers" and "200wordsaday"). Sadly the blogging platform was discontinued. I downloaded all my blog posts and prepared them to be republish them here.

It is said that the best friend of human, is the dog. I think I have been addicted to them since ever. If I remember correctly there is a memory (and even a picture) when I was riding the dog of my grandparents. I have lived with him for the first few years of my life and had a really deep bond.

Now, I still enjoy seeing dogs and the joy in their eyes. In contrast to cats, there is something different in the human <> dog bond. It is almost like you can look in the eyes of a dog and know what's up, just like you can look in the eye of another human and immediately know if they have some trouble going on in their lives or not.

I think the love a dog can deliver is way purer than a human could ever give. There is something deeply connecting our two species. I always wanted a dog, but I know I won't have the time to give it the love it deserves.

So, for now, I will have to look at other peoples dogs. A really great channel for that is "We rate dogs" on Instagram and "before and after adoption" on Reddit. How could you not fall for them?

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