This Blog Post was originally published on the platform "writelier" (formerly "co-writers" and "200wordsaday"). Sadly the blogging platform was discontinued. I downloaded all my blog posts and prepared them to be republish them here.

So the coronavirus is still haunting Austria and it doesn't look like the pandemic will be over soon. So how do you celebrate stuff?

My birthday was back in May. Originally I had planned a large barbecue because I turned a quarter-century old. I would be standing behind the grill and I was planning on getting family members, friends and coworkers together. Just a few weeks ago my best friend had his birthday. No large events.

I set out and organize a small get together today. There is a one time drive-in in a nearby city, where you can get pulled pork burgers (only today). So Christoph (my best friend) a coworker (which happened to be another close friend of mine now) and I will be heading there to get the burgers and then drive back to my Apartment.

I prepared wine and the place in the living room already (and cigars). Christoph already had the coronavirus somewhere in June and me and my coworker are living alone in our Apartments. The chance to get the virus spread between us three is nearly zero. And if we get it somehow, there isn't a way to spread it wide.

How are you getting along celebrating stuff in this pandemic times?

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