Roaring Kitty is Back

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I’m not sure who is aware of the GameStop Wallstreetbets craziness that happened a few years back. But the original person who sparked the whole stock speculation came back from three years of silence.

And so we are seeing the manipulation of the GameStop stock at its finest again. Back in the day, I made €10 or €15 after taxes when I joined the game far too late. This time I thought the same, buying one stock on Monday, loosing most of its value on Tuesday and rebuying (buy the dip) on Wednesday.

Well, Roaring Kitty announced a livestream today, and so I took profits as the markets in the EU are already open. I wonder how crazy this rally will turn out over the course of today. They always say the most degens are in crypto, well, here we have a proof that stocks can have the same energy.

No financial/investment advice :)

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