Lunch Break

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One of the benefits of "always Home Office" is that I can take lunch breaks as long as I want. Sure, I need to reach my daily working hours, but nothing is preventing me (besides legal things) from doing them when I'm in the mood / have the brain capacity.

When it comes to Coding, or any "mind heavy" task, you know that there can be days when it just doesn't want to work. So nowadays, if I can't get started / into the flow in the morning, I'm doing a bit of laundry or cleaning in the Apartment. 10 minutes away from the screen, doing something entirely different, can make a huge difference.

Same goes for the Lunch Break, if I overfed myself, I lay down for a few minutes on the couch or spend a few minutes on the balcony working on a sunburn.

I never expected such small things to make such a huge difference on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes jealous people say "oh so you slack around the whole day", nope I don't. Since I'm going with the "flow of the day", I think my productivity skyrocketed. And know that because I can remember all those days at my previous employer where you sometimes just sit for 8 hours and look productive.

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