RedCross Leadership Course 2 - Day 4

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Today was the next to last day of the leadership course. We learned a lot about the different other organisations we frequently work together with (mountain rescue, police, army, helicopter rescue).

After that we learned how to prepare for larger events. For example the F1 Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg or a large rock concert in Vienna.

Both parts of the day were well structured and I didn’t expect that level of deepness some of the tutors gave.

It is almost sad to know that tomorrow will be the last day and I’lol have to learn for the exam in November. Luckily there is only a set of about 230 questions you have to learn. So if I’m researching all of them on my own, the exam shouldn’t be a problem.

However, I’m already missing the new connections I built a litte bit already. Well, at least we connected on facebook, so we can follow along a little bit.

Also, I noticed I’ve got 8 Notifications to clear up. A few from and. I hope I will be answering them shortly after arriving at home yesterday. If not, it may take until Sunday as I will be visiting the annual paramedic training on Saturday. :)

Also, also, where did go?

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