Morning Routine Problems

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Only a few days until I start at the new employer. Time to figure out a new morning routine.

Yesterday I discovered "Tiimo", an iOS and Android App designed to create a plan of your day based on minute-wise scheduling. I tried some things and was immediately hooked.

I started planning my ideal workday, and since I'm on paid vacation for the next three days (before starting at the new employer), I thought I should try it. I want to do qigong, cycling and own weight exercise right after breakfast so I can start the day with feelings of happiness after achieving goals early.

My plan was as follows:
06:00 - 06:01 Waking Up
06:01 - 06:02 Turn on the coffeemachine
06:02 - 06:03 "Make the Bed"
06:03 - 06:20 Eat Breakfast & Brush Teeth
06:20 - 06:40 Qigong
06:40 - 07:00 cycling
07:00 - 07:20 own weight exercise
07:20 - 07:40 Shower & get ready for the day
08:00 Start to Work

The plan fell into pieces right after waking up. :) It turns out I need more than three minutes to get up, walk to the coffee machine and make the bed. Also, breakfast in 15 minutes isn't really possible. Besides that, eating breakfast before working out was a bad idea altogether.

At least I did Qigong and cycling before heading to the shower at 08:15 today. And now I'm sitting here writing about it. :)

So, I have to change up a few things and maybe cut the exercise part into two pieces. One day Qigong and the other own weight exercise. But I'm not sure about that yet. cycling I something I want to do every day I'm at home, so that won't be moving for now.

I also need to integrate writing into the morning routine at some point. I'll update you again tomorrow.

For the curious, this is the Qigong Video I'm using, and this will be the 20-minute workout. I'm cycling on an Indoor Cycle IC6 on Zwift.

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