January 5th - SciFi Dream Story

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It's really early in the morning and I managed to put the thoughts on a dream down I just had. I think I really need to practice remembering dreams more. Although I managed to put down a bunch, I know there isn't a small part missing. However, what I do know is that it would make up a great start for a scifi novel Well, at least I think so.

Have fun reading it from the first-person perspective.

I was working as a doctor and managing director in a relatively large hospital in a relatively large city. Everything was going well, I had a girlfriend, was enjoying the work and had so much money I didn't know what to do with.

One day I was in the elevator when I suddenly had a breakthrough idea. Since I've got enough money to potentially do it on my own I was looking forward to the contract extension meeting with the hospital. Since they didn#t let me out of the contract as I was probably the best person they ever had in a managing position I rushed out of the meeting in anger.

If I can't do it on my own I will build it inside the hospital. The next few years went by enormously fast. I can see myself working as a doctor, inside management meetings and building another floor on top of the hospital. By the time a few years passed the extra floor was finally finished.

It was my living floor. A large outside area created as a garden and the other half of the floor as an apartment with everything one could imagine. A large bedroom, large bath and an office. Hospital management wasn't exactly amused but still, they kept me.

Meanwhile, the hospital itself was at its peak performance and so was that of my portfolio.

(Now my dream memory fades sadly)

Somehow I messed things up a year later and almost died when an elevator broke down. Management wasn't amused and put me on an ultimatum: taking a year off or leaving directly. They thought the hospital was now automated enough that I could take some time off and get myself together again.

Since I was planning that already anyways it came at a perfect time for me. I asked if it would be okay for them if I would take the year off in my apartment on the highest floor of the hospital which day agreed to. Probably because that meant they could reach me easily.

I had an argument with my girlfriend later that day but we managed to settle everything before going to sleep. What she didn't notice what that I changed the alarm clock to wake us up a year later. I thought to myself, if it doesn't work we might never wake up again or we might wake up tomorrow.

Nobody, not even my girlfriend knew what I was building over the last several years on this apartment floor. Besides all the typical apartment commodities I managed to have a breakthrough in quantum physics and build a somewhat time machine. Basically, the apartment floor would sustain a breakdown of the hospital below it without a dent. The artificial intelligence of the whole building was also developed enough that it could simulate the life of my girlfriend and me without a hassle while we would be asleep for a predefined time. I could have also woken us if necessary.

As we woke up a year later I was astounded that it worked and knew I no would have a lengthy conversation with my girlfriend to explain it to her.

(At that point my dream memory is gone)

I had a management meeting later that day and we agreed to keep things running as usual. Nobody knew that I had missed a whole year and that I'm going to be in stasis for more than that soon.

Maybe I'm going to extend that dream sometime in the future. I wonder what the character could explore.

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