January 4th - Ready to cruise?

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So, since yesterday my obsession for Avril Lavigne 's "Bite Me" didn't drop and the counter on Last.fm ow says 88 which places it into the top 20 of my profile. I guess it might only take a few more days and it will overtake Song 3  from Stone Sour  which currently resides at the top.

However, it is already the fourth day of the new year which means only 87 days till the cruise I booked last June. Well, if the coronavirus allows it. The cruise is something I'm looking forward to since I've booked it.

But why and how?

Christoph (my best friend) and I decided we should finally try a whole week of drinking on a cruise ship ourselves. A paramedic colleague told me that MSC Cruises was offering a "bonus" for health workers and I wrote them a mail if that would also apply for voluntary paramedics.

A few weeks later I've got the response that yes, they could apply a discount for me as they don't differentiate medical professionals. So no matter where you work in that sector as long as you've got a confirmation from your employer you can get a discount between 30 and 50 per cent on the booking.

Interestingly the discount applies to the whole booking and not only for one person. Which meant I could save at least 30% for Christoph and me.

After a quick conversation, we settled on an eight-day journey (seven nights) through the mediterranean sea. Boarding in Venice, over to Kotor, Mykonos, Santorini, Bari and back to Venice. The fourth and seventh day will be sea-only days where we will have time to explore everything onboard.

We didn't decide yet if we will be leaving the ship on any of the days inside the dock. Since we've booked the "Aurea" package we "unlocked" basically all of the ship at a reasonable price.

Pre discount we would have paid 2470€ (1235€ per person) for the trip. After the discount, we now only pay 1758,60€ (879,30€ per person). This means we can book the even larger beverages package and also the internet for two devices (yes you have to pay extra for that).

With both additional packages (beverages and internet) we add another 598,92€ to the booking which is still below the original price.

I wonder how my body will react to the whole week on a moving ship. I've been on ships before but never for that long and also never while sleeping. Worst case we could also put more drink into ourselves. If you're drunk enough your wiggling should counter the ships. :)

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