Food as Fuel (or a visit to the dermatologist)

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Although I wanted to write something different, situations change and so is mine. Also, sorry for triggering you :)

I was at a dermatologist today to have the pus bumps on my head checked out. I have had them for more than a year, but in the recent months they got more and more annoying (bedsheet sprinkled with pus and blood and stuff).

It turned out it is some kind of fungus infection inside the part of the skin that produces tallow. I’ve got mild antibiotics, a shampoo and a cream to put on the next weeks. So far that is not soooo bad, but the last sentence of the diagnosis was a bummer.

Apparently it is a common “disease” of diabetes and so the Doctor asked me if I have diabetes. To which I jokingly responded with “not yet”.

A few weeks back I was at my family doctor as I wanted to get my blood testet for the antibodies of the coronavirus (to see if the vaccine helped to build some, which it did). I was explaining my pus bums to him and his first though was also diabetes related. We quickly checked my glucose level since I was still sober. I can’t remember the exact value, but I do remember it was above 100 (mg/dl). I should have been below.

I know that is not a definite definition of diabetes, but I’m on my way to it. I know I’m overweight and exercise way to rare. I knew I wasn’t eating healthy enough, but I thought it would be something I would encounter in maybe 10 years or so, and not at the age of 26.

So back to the title. Maybe it is really time now to start treating food as fuel and skipping the fun part of eating for now. I think I’m getting close to the edge of diabetes, but I’m not there yet, it’s time to shift into reverse gear as fast as possible. I’m not in the mood of getting blood pressure and heart problems just yet.

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