Fear Street: Part 1 1994

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Yesterday I watched the first part of fear street on Netflix. A coworker recommended it a few days back and so I thought I‘ll give it a shot.

Although it was already somewhat late, and I know it is bad for my nerves to watch horror late at night, I thought it would be a good idea.

I wasn‘t disappointed. The first part is good, classical teenage horror movie. Interestingly the nerd saves the day but that doesn‘t come without consequences. If you don‘t want to be spoiled, don‘t read on.

You have been warned!

So as the plot unfolds the nerd finally saves the day (as we always do) and gets the pretty girl (didn‘t happen to me yet :)). Shortly after his crush, that finally showed that she wants him also dies. Why?

I know it is a horror movie and people _have_ to die in it, but why is is alway the nerd that has to suffer not only the horrors of the plot, but also gets traumatised romantically? Wouldn‘t there be a way to safe the day and keep the girl (like in Ready Player One, although that movie doesn‘t count because nerdism is already mainstream and thus not anymore nerdish)?

I get the probably most people don‘t identify themselves with the nerd, but what about the nerds?

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