Financial Idiot 015 - (Fiat) Portfolio Insights

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DISCLAIMER: I'm an idiot and this isn't financial advice! You can lose money when investing, and you should never invest money you don't own or you can't afford to lose. I'm not responsible for your decisions!

In the last Issue, we discussed „The Merge“ on the Ethereum Network. It went along smoothly, so I will dedicate this newsletter to the original topic (Fiat Portfolio) and the next one to „After The Merge“.

It has been half a year since I showed you my fiat portfolio. Some things have changed since then, and I think it is time to look at it again. Just like probably every once portfolio, I’m in deep red.

I sold the EM parts of my portfolio again, so my value is currently split 50/50 between the Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF (ISIN: IE00BK5BQT80, WKN: A2PKXG) and the 21Shares HODL Certificate (ISIN: CH0445689208, WKN: CH0445689208).

As said, the whole portfolio is down 28,5%, which will be for a while. The war in Ukraine doesn’t look to be over soon, and the ECB (European Central Bank) will continue raising the interest rate to conquer inflation.

Of course, that also means if you’ve got a savings plan, you’re currently buying shares cheaply, but it also means that credit interest rates will rise (just like the one on my Apartment mortgage). You can also look more closely at my fiat portfolio below with the parqet link.

I know this Issue is one of the shortest again, but there isn’t enough movement in my portfolio to talk about it. I also don’t plan any new investments in the next few months, so that it will stay the same. I hope you still enjoyed it :)

In Issue #023, as already announced, we will have a complete overview of my fiat, crypto and other portfolios.

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