A bad sleeping habit

This Blog Post was originally published on adagia.org.

Recently I started to use a lousy sleeping pattern again. I got 26°C in my sleeping room, so I'm already sleeping really bad (I need to fix the AC ASP).

But besides the heat, my nose is still completely clogged as a side effect of my allergies and as left over from Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ .

Anyway, both of these effects I can hardly counter, but I'm doing the following stupid thing: jumping from one youtube video to the next. I check the clock and think to myself: "oh, I should be asleep an hour ago", then, an hour later "shit, I really need to close my eyes now".

This leads to me falling asleep way too late (9 pm is my goal, currently it is mostly midnight) and because of the reduced sleeping time I'm hitting snooze way too often. Why was this idiotic button even created?

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