Whisky Sour

This Blog Post was originally published on adagia.org.

Ever since I became "hooked" on whisky, I wondered if there would be an alcoholic drink superior to it. I found it with one of the oldest whisky cocktails: Whisky Sour (I know, I spoiled it already with writing that as the title).

So, before I go into detail on the recipe, let's add the American whiskey and Whiskey Sour :)

For "my" Whisky Sour recipe I followed the tutorial of the largest german whisky reseller. Whisky.de. You can find it here (in German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7-_0UQZ0f4

  • 5cl (centilitre) of bouron whisky
  • 3cl lemon juice
  • 2cl sugar syrup
  • 2 to 3 splashes of fee foam (an alternative to egg white)

All into a shaker half-filled with ice, 30-second shaking done. With the fee foam or the egg white, you can watch the drink "pulling apart". Prost! (the Austrian Cheers).

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