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I did sleep pretty bad last night, but got up pretty early. Started to work and by 8:30 I had an appointment with the house owner and a local electrician to have a look at a photovoltaic system for the Apartment house I’m living in. I’ve been gathering offers for a system for a few months now, but the more information I get and gather, the less optimistic I’m that we can mount such a system.

There are so many administrative tasks that need to be done after the system would be mounted (how to distribute the power to Apartments, which company does the bookkeeping, …) that it seems an impossible task. I’m not fully out of motivation yet, but if the “hits” keep coming, I might step down as “project lead” and with that, the plan would die.

It didn’t help that I was hit by a migraine attack right at lunchtime, so I had to lay down a bit after eating. At least that is gone now, but I still have to do a bunch of work. It might be a long day today.

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