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Today I visited my grandparents which live about 120 kilometres (per direction) away from me. I haven’t seen them in at least half a year and since my grandmother already got her COVID vaccine, I thought I should be ok.

Although I got my shot a few weeks back (and finally have an appointment for the second one), it is still really risky to visit elderly relatives. As I’ve said my grandmother got both of their Moderna shots already, but my grandfather can’t be vaccinated currently because he is in the middle of chemotherapy.

I tried to minimise their risk by testing myself yesterday at work and not visiting any other person. But I could still be infected. Of course, life is risky, but where do you draw the line between risking a visit or risking never seeing them again (because they are in an age where they could die daily anyways)?

I spent a great day at their house, and my grandmother cooked even for me. But was it worth risking their lives?

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