Treadmill Arrival

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Today the treadmill arrived. Earlier than I expected, but that way I can test it today before working on / with it on Monday. As you might expect, I’m already standing on it, trying out writing with it.

As I’m working as a developer, writing is a large portion of my day job, so to work perfectly I need to find a pace that works for me. Where I can still write in a flow without getting too interrupted by my feet not standing still.

I got it on the lowest speed setting now, 1 kilometres per hour. I think my normal walking speed is around four to five kilometres per hour, but then again, I need to be able to write and use the trackpad.

So far, it seems to work out, although it feels a little bit strange. I think this was one of the best investments I did in ages. We’ll see if I can really stand a whole workday on it. Keeping the 1 kph and a “normal” 8-hour day, that would net me 8 kilometres. Not bad I would argue.

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