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So, as I think I’ve written, I bought another domain. But let’s go back a step.

Since I’ve owned vehicles, I’ve been tracking kilometres driven, gas used (well since 2021 electricity used), maintenance costs. Based on this extensive tracking, I was able to calculate exactly how much each vehicle I’ve owned has cost me.
For example, the Seat Leon I’ve had before my current Tesla Model 3 had a total cost of €17953.75. Or broken down to € per kilometre €0.88. In contrast, my Model 3 currently stands at €1.15 per kilometre driven.

I’ve always wanted to do the same calculations for my Apartment too, but I never got along implementing it. I can’t even remember what brought me to buying the domain, but I thought it was finally time to implement the total cost of ownership for my Apartment. And I thought, my not create a public site where everybody could do so?

Back to now. Working with Next.js for more than a year now also laid the base framework for everything. I tinkered around a bit and settled on as my React Framework, as I’m terrible at design. Thanks to @jasonleow I came across Botpoison and Formspark so a “signup to know when we launch” could also be added quickly.

Of course there are still a bunch of things to do, especially I really need to add some form of basic content to the site, so everybody coming across it knows what the plan / goal is.

I plan on documenting the journey here, because, why not?

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