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I started the day by driving to a customer. I almost forgot that the Windows updates were due on that machines. Luckily, there is a simple function to postpone them another month. But next time, I’ll have to spend a few more hours there, watching the progress bars.

Afterwards, I went to a nearby store as my mum wanted a special perfume, that was reduced in price due to Easter. Sadly, it was already sold out. I drove back to my Apartment to go on with the household chores and managed to do some of them. I even managed to record about an hour of Minecraft for my YouTube Channel.

I drove to my parents afterwards, where we had Easter “lunch”. Right after we visited my grandmother. Now I’m sitting on my “old” bed, writing these lines and watching a bit on Twitch.

Tomorrow morning we will visit my other grandmother. So I won’t have to write something special either (probably). I’ll be back home by tomorrow evening to spend Monday slacking around. Although I plan to do a larger YouTube recording day to get some buffer in for May (as I’ll be on a short trip near the end of May). We’ll see.

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