RedCross Leadership Course 2 - Day 2

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Today we dig down the rabbit hole of another really interesting topic: how to evacuate stuff and how to move stuff around. Sounds boring? Wasn't. :)

In the morning we planned how to give orders and the different ways to give them. However, after lunch we had time to figure out how to evacuate a retirement home and a hospital. Both weren't just some made up places, but some real places in Styria.

We learned that there isn't a "definite" right or wrong in how to evacuate places, but just "our" way to evacuate them as best es possible.

After the main course we went our to buy beer again. Although I didn't drink any yesterday, I promised I would pay for one beer box (20x 0,5 litres).

I think I didn't quite write about that yesterday, but we are here in a training center were basically nothing is nearby. No restaurants, not pubs or clubs. So the main thing to do after the main course is to drink beer which we bought in a town nearby.

The thing is, not only you're getting drunk, but you're also sharing interesting throughs with your course collegues. Well, at least with those who stay overnight.

So I'll have to keep todays post a little bit short, as I'm feeling the four beers now slowly taking over my thinking and blocking my thoughts. One thing I do hope is that I will keep bonds to my course mates although it probably won't be that easy. Maybe we can find some more overlapping hobbies besides the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

Edit: Also I know some people wait for an answer to there comment. Don't worry, they will come :)

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