January 1st - New Year

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It is January the first and I'm already up at 6 am. As I've written yesterday I'm going on paramedic duty till tomorrow morning, 7 am.

I wonder how many people here in Austria are still asleep after last nights partying? And how many were up before me to keep the country running?

One thing I know for sure now, sleeping through countless New Year's Eve rockets and firecrackers is a hard thing to do. Luckily none of my neighbours was particularly loud so besides a few louder child noises from below it was quiet inside the apartment building.

At around 11:30 on firecracker almost made me shit my pants. I don't know where it was dropped but I do know that it was so loud that I almost thought my Apartment windows will shatter.

I wonder how long it will take until all rockets and firecrackers are banned. Years back I was enjoying them, but nowadays I see how animals go crazy on them and we know it is bad for the environment.

Last year a city nearby did a drone show instead of rockets. Why can't we have that everywhere? Not really loud, nobody gets hit on the head by falling sticks of wood from the rockets, no real harm to animals unless birds would fly into them. But there aren't many birds around at that time of the year.

Anyway, onward to a new year full of opportunities!

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