Getting to know other Cryonicists

Well, you guessed it, another follow up on cryonics. A few weeks ago I traveled to Dresden, Germany, to meet some other Cryonicists.

Through my contact at Alcor I got the mail address from one of the participants and immediately contacted him. It turned out that they meet up once per year to talk about cryonics and related stuff.

So I was invited to this meeting, which happened to be about two weeks after my first contact with Alcor and the “German Relevant”.

What did I learn from the two days in Dresden?

Cryonicists are really friendly and open people.

Not all have contracts at one of the bigger CryonicsCompanies (Alcor & CI), some are waiting for a European based Company.

Cryonics is not only for rich people, I also met people from every job and profession.

There are several German projects ongoing, not only the Americans are researching.

Everybody has an interesting story to tell how they came to cryonics and why they are believing in it.

I know, not that long as a sum up, but there isn’t always much to tell, you have to see some things yourself :)

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