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A few minutes ago, I was sitting on the toilet when suddenly an idea struck. I finally had a name for my not-yet created money / financialnewsletter.

Without further ado, I introduce: No, there isn't a landing page yet, nor is there anything other.

The ideastruck me, and so I quickly resisted the domain. Lucky me, it wasn't taken already ( is parked on GoDaddy). When it comes to domain names, you have to be quick. Every time I look an idea up, I think about quickly buying, as it seems like as soon as you search for a domain name, somebody else might find out you have been searching for it and thus snags it before you can. :)

This weekend, I hope to have some time to research a GDPRcompatible newsletter service and set up a landing page. But even before that, I should prepare at least one issue to send out.

My brain thinks about publishingevery other week, but I'm unsure if I can keep up with that interval. Luckily I've got some ideas already lined out here in my money project so that I can repurpose those posts.

I'm also considering "restarting" my Twitter(@phaidenbauer), but that will need to be cleaned up (I follow way too much shit on there). I could also share it on Facebook, but I'm not sure if my family and friends should have complete insight into my finances. At least not yet. :)

So, if you're interested in more of my "money" posts, you can leave your email below or write me a quick email: I will add you to the newsletter list as soon as it goes live.

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