Financial Idiot 023 - Portfolio Insights

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DISCLAIMER: I'm an idiot and this isn't financial advice! You can lose money when investing, and you should never invest money you don't own or you can't afford to lose. I'm not responsible for your decisions!

I set the wrong release date for this Newsletter. Sorry for that. At least I can now provide complete, up-to-date data. Let's start with my Stocks/ETF Portfolio, which you can also find below (Parqet).

At the End of the year, I thought, why not buy into some of the biggest tech companies out there? On my "wishlist "was always Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and Tesla. I took some money and got one stock of each mentioned company. As of today (23.01.2023), they are all in the greens, and I plan to hold them at least till a stock split.

For example, Tesla, Amazon and Google had a split sometime last year because one stock had a high value. Splitting stocks makes it easier for smaller investments to be made again, and large holders can sell off more granularly.

Besides these stocks, I'm still holding my 21 Shares Crypto Basket, now with 310 pieces, still around 40% down from my investment. Since this is a long-term holding, it is acceptable to be down that much. In 5 to 10 years, this position might be the largest single in my portfolio, depending on the crypto market's development.

Starting with the new year, I changed my saving plans again, probably for the last time in the foreseeable future. I'm now buying 100€ of the FTSE All World and 100€ of the Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology monthly again. It will be interesting to see how these two positions will grow over the upcoming years. I know I'm pulling my diversification on the US American market with my stocks and the IT ETF. But since I'm already gambling with crypto, why not also risk here?

The holdings mentioned above I'm managing on Flatex (affiliate link, non-affiliate link). Besides that, two thoroughly "random "opportunities emerged, and I was able to buy myself into a crowd investing of "Splint Invest „(affiliate link, non-affiliate link), which I mentioned a couple of Issues back if I remember correctly. And through another opportunity, I could buy myself into my new Employer. Both Holdings have yet to be tradable publicly, so I see them as two more long-term holdings.

Since both still need to be tradeable and don't have a "market price" yet, I'm only going to mention their buy-in price. On Splint Invest, it's 500 CHF, and at my Employer, it was 2.500€.

I have 300€ invested through Splint Invest, split on Whisky, Watches and Wine. All of them are long only again, so no selling in the foreseeable future.

Switching over to real estate. It was time to integrate my Apartment too into this overview. Since I don't plan on selling it soon, I'll add the buy price as value, which was 82k€. Having to repay around 120k€ on the Mortgage, I'm only down 38k€ :)
I wonder how the real estate market will fluctuate over the next few years. Thinking about the recent interest rate updates, I believe that the housing market might be filled with offers soon. So I'm lucky I bought my Apartment relatively cheap as it won't lose value soon.

Coming to crypto now, I'm still holding around 70k CRO Coins, also HODLd for the long term. Around 75 NEAR, which were bought through a savings plan and are now staked for rewards, 45ish DOT also staked for rewards, and around 0,26 ETH also locked in staking.

As you can see, my largest crypto holding is still CRO. But I have a savings plan for ETH and DOT, which regularly contributes to my holdings.

Overall, leaving out real estate, I'm pretty big into the crypto game, which is a high bet. Seeing a recession almost around the corner, this market will not explode upward anytime soon. In my opinion, we are not at the End of the crypto winter.
On the other hand, the stock market is improving every day now, and crypto keeps walking into the "greens ".

But we still need to remember that there is a war in our neighbourhood, and the coronavirus is still somewhat present. Also, who doesn't say another shitty thing might be just ahead of us?

Luckily, nobody can predict the future, so let's hope for a good year or a better one than last year and see where we end up.

As a small outlook over the next few issues I've planned for this year, besides the stuff I already announced, we will have a look back on one year of Financial Idiot at the End of February (Issue #26), take a peek at my reading list (Issue #25), have at least two Issues focusing on my Miami Vacation and many more things in the pipeline. As always, if you're interested in some topic I should research, please contact me via the Button below. A good newsletter is always reader-driven, so let's talk about the stuff you want to know. :)

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