Death Guard vs. Space Marines

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Yesterday I played my first game of Warhammer 40.000 against a coworker. Although some of my models are already base coated, we use his which are a little bit more painted.

So he brought the models, I brought the rule book and several codices for the two factions. Both of us never played a game before so we had a lot of lookup in the books to do and regularly missed stuff and or forgot to do things.

But, the main part was fun as it should always be with games and throughout the three hours this match took, we had copious amounts of it.

Although I lost, it was a pretty interesting game and I’m already looking forward to another round in the future. Building and painting the models, well I mainly built them and didn’t paint them yet, is already loads of fun and a completely different task than looking into a computer monitor. But playing a round-base strategic game with them in a really dark future (41st Millennium) is way more interesting than I thought.

Yes, it is really complicated with all the rules (the main rule book has around 400 pages) and there is a lot of things to think about but it is so much different to anything other I’ve ever played and thus brings real joy to my brain. The three hours we played felt like they passed in minutes. So finally those expensive and time-consuming models are used in their desired environment. Bringing joy.

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