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Today is the last day of my spontaneous Croatia vacation. My best friend (Christoph, if you remember) and I started on Friday after work and drove to an AirBnB only about 2,5 hours away from our hometown.

We booked it from Friday till Sunday (well, it wasn’t available longer) and afterwards drove to the AirBnB we are currently at.

As with every road trip I plan we brought way to many stuff to eat an drink. I think we started with 14 bottles of white wine (to mix a so called “Kaiserspritzer”, basically white wine, sparkling mineral water and elderberry syrup), five bottles of red wine, 3x6 1,5 Liter of mineral water, 4 bottles of elderberry syrup, 2x4 2 Liter Cola and 1x6 1,5 Liter of “Almdudler” (a special herbal lemonade made in Austria).

Besides that, we also got a bunch of stuff to eat: two tomahawk steaks, two T-bone stakes (both from Christophs workplace), twelve marinated pork chops, a bunch of pre-backed baguettes (with garlic butter and herb butter) and a bunch of peppers, cucumbers and whole corn to grill on the BBQ places of the AirBnBs.

Looking at our supplies now we still got a bunch of white wine, one bottle of red wine (Merlot), 4x1,5 Liters of Almdudler, 8 marinated pork chops, 3 peppers, 4 cucumbers and a bunch of baguettes. The thing is, we will be leaving tomorrow. Luckily we’ve got a 12v refrigerator with us, so we can keep everything cool until we will arrive back home. Also the wine won’t expire soon, so plenty of alcohol for our next trip :)

For the curios, here are the links (first:  second: to the two AirBnBs. Both are not anywhere near to the ocean, but both came with jacuzzis which was the many reason there were selected. :)

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