Cigar event in Florida

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A few weeks ago, I was visiting my Grandmother. Since my aunt and uncle were also at her house, I had a cigar with my uncle (he was probably the one that sparked the interest in cigars a few years ago).

After a while, my aunt joined us and asked if my uncle had told me about the cigar event he was planning to attend. He didn't know what she meant at first, but quickly his memory came to life. He is planning to attend the May Barnsmoker ( event in Florida next year.

From the ever-expanding network of cigar smokers he has (mainly because he attends a yearly event in Germany), the Barnsmoker event was recommended to him. Since his English is bad, my aunt thought I might be interested and could fly together with him. We had an interesting chat about the event and of course, I am interested.

A quick conversation with my best friend and we agreed to fly over the big sea as a three-man America expedition. :)

So around next February, I will plan a trip to Florida. We don't have a plan yet on how long we will stay, but I want to have at least a few days to check out some local stuff besides the cigar event.

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