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Two of my neighbours have children. One has them in the range below kindergarten. The other ones are probably near school age or already in school.

One of the older ones has his friends over. Of course, there is screaming, and I don't have a problem with loud children as long as they are not screaming when I'm trying to sleep.

Anyway, I'm sitting on the balcony. It is above 22°C today, so I decided it is time for a hookah. You can't always smoke cigars, especially not on these hot days.
As the coal was getting ready to deliver the smoke down through the pipe into my mouth, I heard an adult screaming. Well, not actually yelling, but shouting.

Apparently, the kids are taking apart some parts of our building, and the couple below me (both already retired) shouted down from their balcony to put things back where they belong. Also, it seems like the children did at some point run around with forks. Another shouting rained down on them.

While I'm writing this line, I hear the children whispering. They are now probably on some other shenanigans. Uh, I just heard "something happened", but as long nobody is crying, it can't be bad. :)

I'm not often turning on Sentry Mode on my car to spy on the surroundings, but today I'm glad I can turn it on.

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