Car vs. Person - a paramedic story that happened only minutes ago

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Only a few minutes ago I came back from the first mission of the night. As I've written I'm doing a paramedic night shift and thus it was no wonder that there would be something to do.

We were called into another district because the emergency service in that district was overwhelmed.

accident on the highway, person versus car (at low speed), loud screaming, Patient 20 years, police at place.

A typical mission description, not too much so you can't prepare for things but enough to dream of the worst.

After a small detour because our navigation software is shit we arrived at the place of the accident. The police were already there in briefed us. My codriver and I put on our uniform jackets as we were on the highway and blinking blue lights doesn't slow down other vehicles.

Our patient was sitting inside a car and was repeating that nothing hurt. But the eyes of the patient were always looking strangely at its foot. After we managed to calm the patient down a little bit there was also the sentence that it has to go with us.

We didn't say that the patient needs to come with us but we clearly recognized that the patient wasn't to come with us but doesn't want to say it.

In the back of the car was another person and the driver of the car was shouting with the police that nothing happened and they would like to continue their trip.

Clearly, something was fishy and we somehow managed to get the patient from the car onto our car seat. As we proceeded to move our seat the patient was crying out loud and I made the decision that we can't move it easily. I called dispatch to send us an emergency doctor which arrived a few minutes later.

Just before the doctor arrived we managed to move the patient into the vehicle. Since there were now way too many people (my codriver, me, the emergency doctor, the emergency doctor vehicle driver, the codriver of the emergency doctor vehicle) I took a step aside and talked to one of the policemen.

From what I understood the patient told the other two people in the car that it wants to pee and so the car stopped. The patient got out and so also one of the other persons. The car they were driving in was moving on to take the next turn so they could continue their trip.

Another vehicle drove down the highway and saw the two persons, slowed down and either hit our patient or the patient ran into the car.

So, you can clearly read nothing was clear. The more details the policemen told me the more question marks arrived above my head. It also turned out that the person that said it was driving, didn't drive but said it did drive because the real driver didn't even have a driving licence. Sadly the person saying it drove tested positive on the alcohol tester of the police.

By the emergency doctors diagnosis, the patient didn't look too badly injured and we drove to the nearest clinic.

And now I'm sitting here, writing these lines, wondering what really happened. Also, excuse the "it" but if you would know the genders, the story would probably be matchable in the future.

I wonder what the rest of the night will bring.

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