Book Review - The Infinite and The Devine

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I just finished reading "The Infinite and The Devine" by Robert Rath. A scifibook set in the Universe of Warhammer 40.000. This one focuses on the Necronsinstead of great Space Marinebattles.

The Necrons are an ancient race who have been asleep for many million years. Some did wake up through the years and started collecting or learning things. Being almost invincible and living forever, there are many things to do.

I bought the book before I started the cruise (

), back in April and read through it relatively fast. Sure there were some breaks between reading sessions, but 50% of the book was read in June. Interestingly according to the book, it was the first novel written by this author for the Black Library. I think it wasn't his first novel, but still, it is fascinating how much insight into the 40k Universe was given. I'm not fully immersed in the whole lore of 40k, but the things I know did match up with the stuff the author has written.

A definite recommendation from me for people looking into more Warhammer 40kstuff but who are fed up with Space Marines.

It is time for me to switch to some Isaac Asimovagain. I did read way too much Warhammer this year.

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